Sportswear production

We produce sportswear from stretch and knitwear materials.
Our products are of high quality and precise workmanship.
When fitting zippers, we are able to work with the accuracy of one millimetre. The zipper cannot be seen in the
finished product and the printed pattern links up perfectly.
Seams are sewn with high precision. The elasticity of the material is maintained even in the seams.

Workshop equipment for sportswear production:

Machines with flatlock stitch function

– They are high-speed 4-needle sewing machines with the bottom and top cover enabling stitching of pieces
together by cutting one piece and folding the other piece of material before connecting them. The resulting
seam is flexible and thinner compared to the conventional overlock stitching.

Machines with coverlock function

– 2-needle and 3-needle sewing machines with the bottom and top cover. They are used mainly to trim the
bottom hems and sleeve edges.

Multi-thread chain-stitch machines

– Multi-thread chain-stitch machines for elastic waistband stitching. The elastic waistband is secured against
shifting and when stitched, it is possible to thread through the waist cord

Hemming machines

– 1-needle chain-stitch machines with a device for making hems on an open edge

Overlocks and 1-needle sewing machines with back-stitch function

Production of clothes using GORE-TEX® technology

We hold a licence from the American company GORE and we have been processing products using GORE-TEX®
technology for some time. Products processed using this technology are water, rain and wind proof. An example is manufacturing clothes for firefighters using GORE-TEX® technology.

Workshop equipment for GORE-TEX®

PFFAF – GORE machines

– We own 2 PFFAF-GORE machines of the series 8330 – 060 approved by the GORE company for
manufacturing products using GORE-TEX® technology


– Sealed seams are tested for waterproofness on the testing machine. Records are made about every
test in compliance with the necessary regulations when using GORE-TEX® technology.

Machines for sewing heavy materials

– The workshop is equipped with machines for sewing heavy materials. These machines enable high-
precision processing.

Automatic machines for making bar-tacks.

Semi-automatic machines and press stud fitting

Design and other services

As regards the pattern, colour and material, clothes are adapted to the customer’s requirements. For specific models
we will prepare a graphic design and price calculation.

Company marking on the workwear

We ensure implementation of the company logo print, embroidery or applique on the clothes manufactured by us.
The preferred form of the image for the logo implementation is a curve object, ideally in CorelDRAW.